the world is a child's playground.

The world is this little guy's playground. It doesn't take much for his love of exploring to kick in and his curiosity to take him right in.

Walking, running, climbing, going under and over,  on and off, up and down, and in between are just a few of the things. I'm amazed at how he stops to notice the difference in color and texture on the pavement that he'll cross, turn around, and go back to just look. Or shadows dancing on the walls. Or the bars in the middle of the sidewalk, perfect for swinging. Or the pops of bright yellow in the plants and flowers. Things that we adults usually walk on by without notice or care. Real life in art form.

It's these little things that really awaken our senses to soak up and enjoy the little things. The simple things, because a little goes a long way, is a general rule of thumb I like to embrace.

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