On June 21st we had ourselves a mickey mouse birthday party for our 2 year old Jacebear and it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

Family and friends came out on this beautiful (hot) sunny day and can I just say how beautiful it is to see your favorite people in one gathering celebrating your little child and seeing the relationships your child makes with their children? My mom's side of the family is HUGE and they will always take any chance for family gatherings and I kinda, sorta, A LOT love them for that. I want to shower and surround my son with the love and support from all these special people because well, I'm a mom and I just can't help but want to give my baby some extra lovin' on his birthday!

We did our best to keep things budget wise so insert d.i.y.'s!!!! Thanks to this lovely lady's blog Karas Party Ideas I was able to make all the fun ideas I had in my head come to life in a very affordable way because I already had more than half of the supplies. Her blog has so many wonderful ideas for themed parties and I'm so thankful for her helpful tutorials!

Jace had a blast and all he could talk about was his birthday party the week before and a week after. Running around and playing with all his buddies, hitting a pinata for the first time, eating mickey pops, and just in general having a very fun filled day.

Thanks to everyone who helped us make this party happen for our birthday boy! From cooking to baking and holding the fort down early in the morning so we wouldn't have to pay for registration (ahem, thanks dad!) and the hubs for helping me run all my silly errands to the dollar store and to everyone who came....thank you, we love you and Jace felt all the love. 

And to my two year old boy, mama and daddy love you so soo sooo much and are so thankful for the beautiful human being you are, full of so much life and love xoxo.

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