trip to the marina.

a few weekends ago my boys and i headed out to ventura on a hunt for tacos, but that's a story for another post. after taco's in our bellies we headed out towards the coast, ending up at the marina. words cannot express how much i love this beach. park, playground, harbor, grass picnic area, rocky shores, and lastly...a huge ship! a kids heaven i suppose.

 this park probably also holds a special place in my heart because this is where my sister and mom took our engagement photos way back in the '09! it's always fun to visit a special place from your past and share it with our son while making new memories. like on this day jace and his dada had a special father-son moment: his daddy climbing the rocks with his son wrapped in his arms. they climbed all the way to the top just to watch the crabs hanging out between the rocks in the water below. cute moment! 

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