a recipe // pumpkin spice french toast.

i believe that mornings are made for breakfast. as if you already didn't know, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! once a week i will break away from our usual morning routine, which consists of getting ready, breakfast for jace, tea/coffee for me, gym, errands, nap, lunch yadayadayada, to just enjoy a slow quiet morning with my babyboy. this always involves me making breakfast in the kitchen while jace tears apart plays with all the plastic containers in the cupboard and busts out the occasional dance move because there is always music in the background when mama's cooking, and we loveee to dance. 

so below are some snapshots from a lovely slow morning where we enjoyed a good two hours just cooking, eating, dancing, playing, and laughing. it's always so good to just take a break from being go go goooo to soaking up the beautiful morning sunlight and living in the moment with my jace because these kids grow up way too fast.

to whip up this super simple breakfast all you need is:

+dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, & pumpkin spice (to make everything sweet and nice!)
+3 eggs
+splash of coconut milk
+fresh bread
+side of applesauce and or strawberries

::loading up on the fall spices::
::mixin', mixin' it up:
::okay, so this stuff is $$$ but holy moly! so good. and lasts a long time too::
:: for on the side::

and babyboy approved!

& a happy friday! 

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