the beach and some babbles.

hey guys, so hope your october is going well thus far! 

we've been keeping it pretty low key over here, nothing too crazy. lots of cleaning, organizing, cuddling, cooking, park dates, family outings... but that's how i like it. we hit up the pumpkin patch on monday afternoon with the hubs, a little video coming your way soon! our tiny cozy space is all (halloweenified?) and festive. post coming up on that too. 

i heard the weather was really nice at the beach yesterday. good ole' so cal fall weather at best! too bad we were busy with doctor appointments and such because  a trip this week is needed. i think the jacebear and i might even go sea shell collecting! he'd probably loveee that. i have such fond memories of my childhood all bundled up on a cool windy day at the beach with my parents collecting pretty shells in my bucket. it's also on the home videos, but we'll just go with it as my awesome memory keeping skills! (another reason why i blog! a place to write, record, capture, all these days that just fly by to be looked upon as cherished memories one day). because really, time does fly and i'm trying really hard to not take anything for granted because, hello, life is really beautiful and  i can sometimes overlook that getting so caught up in silliness. 

but a thanks to the hubs for snapping some photos of my cuddly baby who did not like the combination of sand and water all at once. he just wanted to be picked up and cuddled, and that's what mama's are for folks. to love and cuddle.

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