stumptown coffee roasters.

so, have you guys heard that Stumptown Coffee Roasters has made its way to Los Angeles?

hip, hip!

ever since these past 15 months of raising my babyboy (the tales are tried and true my friends) i've developed an appreciation for those beautiful (some days even) life saving beans. sleep deprivation is very real! and it can really take a toll on you. that one cup of coffee in the morning is now a favorite morning ritual of mine these days. that and good morning snuggles with my baby bear, who on another note actually says many times a day in a sing-song-like-tone, "jace-bear!"

i love it soo sooo much, and anticipate the day he writes down his name as "Jace Bear."

anyway, i this place is pretty awesome and i really enjoyed my macchiato and my chai. yeah i ordered 2x one to enjoy there and one on the go. way too much caffeine, but worth it :0

below are a few photos from our coffee stop::

pretty cool, huh?
he's a busy bee at best.
oh i love that husband of mine.

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