coffee & some baby love.


hello there! just a little baby buzz lightyear over here watching the classic 1956 movie The Red Balloon. it was such a cute little 30 minute film to watch in the morning while eating our breakfast. our slow morning routine wouldn't be complete without some kitty cuddles now wouldn't it?! oh how i love slow mornings filled with nothing but sipping on hot coffee, sunlight flooding through the windows, playing with my baby bear whose playing with his kitty cat. i know far to well that these are the times that i will look back on fondly with a sigh of, "oh, those were the good ole' days". we may not have a lot of money, or a big house or a fancy house, but all these little special moments with my family strung together make me feel like we are pretty well off. i'm just grateful, that i get to be me and be a wife to my husband and mama to my baby. it's a life i know i'm blessed to call my own.


trip to the marina.

a few weekends ago my boys and i headed out to ventura on a hunt for tacos, but that's a story for another post. after taco's in our bellies we headed out towards the coast, ending up at the marina. words cannot express how much i love this beach. park, playground, harbor, grass picnic area, rocky shores, and lastly...a huge ship! a kids heaven i suppose.

 this park probably also holds a special place in my heart because this is where my sister and mom took our engagement photos way back in the '09! it's always fun to visit a special place from your past and share it with our son while making new memories. like on this day jace and his dada had a special father-son moment: his daddy climbing the rocks with his son wrapped in his arms. they climbed all the way to the top just to watch the crabs hanging out between the rocks in the water below. cute moment! 


mama's day.

my very first mother's day was perfect. perfect because i got to spend all day with my little baby boy and my handsome husband. they took me out to brunch to our favorite cafe while i feasted on fresh fruit, hot cups of coffee, and a delicious omelet filled with bits of ham, veges, and avocado....yum! of course i stole a bite of the husband's french toast (so good). the rest of the day and the day before was spent visiting our amazing mother's and celebrating the lovely mama's that they are. and it also doesn't hurt to go out for ice-cream al la cold stones (their yogurt is pretty good!) and take a stroll around my favorite store, world market. we picked out a cute owl to hang on our wall so i can have a place to hang my keys because i am always on a hunt for those stupid darn keys! finishing the night off with a yummy dinner at some place we've never been surrounded by the ones i love most was a great end to a happy first mother's day.

sending love to all those waiting mama's, mama's-to-be, and mama's out there!



 due to emails from my fellow bloggers inquiring if i had a bloglovin' button so they could subscribe to my feed i decided to finally post one on the blog. not because it's a big decision or anything. the lateness was honestly due to pure laziness. apparently i already had 40 some subscribers already on my bloglovin'. an account that i must have made a while back unaware just so i could follow a blog. well to those already subscribed thank you! and to those who are new welcome! i'm more than happy to return the favor.

^^^ ever since jace's daddy picked out this shirt for him i swear jace has been more on the go lately. this kid is giving his mama a run for her money. he even tries, and succeeds, at climbing everything now!

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::what we've been up to as of late::

::paleo apple muffins, fresh out of the oven::
::his daddy lets him hold his costco card every time they go to costco together. by the look on jace's face, he's on top of the world proud::
::so not only does my husband go grocery shopping for me and gets all the ingredients on my 30 day paleo meal plan but he chopped everything up and prepared all the sauces in containers....so so awesome::
::about to hit the mats in pilates class::
::running errands with my girl nausheen and babyboy in tow::
::his first ride in the cart. he loved it and thought he was the coolest one in walmart. walmart?  which obv. he was ;) ::
::ice cold diet coke is such a treat these days::

nothing to crazy going on here as of late, but somehow i really feel like i'm living the life. i mean, i know i am. lots of cleaning, and re-organizing, and re-decorating. lots of errands to buy said cleaning supplies because somehow we always run out of everything all at the same time. lots of breaks spent playing with jacebear, most of the time we are having those crazy laughing fits because the deep belly baby laugh is just oh so! or dance parties in the middle of the living room floor. 

like i said, nothing too crazy, but very fulfilling.

not everyday is easy i'll admit. there are times i just want to cry because all i want to do is shut my eyes and sleep for just a little bit more. but being a full-time mom? so worth it.


soccer saturday.

soccer saturdays with my family are the best kinda days. we love making it to as many home games as we can and jace loves cheering for his auntie ari. i can't believe that girl, ahem, lady is a senior. she's graduating in like a month you guys...it's a big deal!

these reusable squeezable packets are genius! perfect for on the go. you can buy them pre-made or fill up your own homemade food like the one above. i like to have both stocked at home, because let me tell you options are a mama's best friend!