My apologies for been absent as of late. This past week I've been a busy bee with exams and work. Unfortunately, I'm stuck inside on a pretty sunday tending to my sore throat and fever...boo. But no worries! This evening I'm going to share all the remedies that have always proved best for me in fighting off a fever and sore throat.

1. gargle away with salt & hot/warm water.
2. sip on a cup of chamomile or green tea. soothing at it's best.
3. hydrate, hydrate! drink plenty of room temperature water.
4. one for the day. one for the night. and one for in-between.
5. these suckers work wonders.
6. vitamin it up!
7. alba deep sea facial mask. i figure this is the best time to use a face mask since all those feverish sweats give easy access to cleansing those pores!
8. keep your temperature in check with a thermometer (i always thought those things were cool as a kid!) rub vicks vapor on chest and neck, then apply warm towel. 
9. pile up the blankets, catch some zzz's and ahh relax.

Alright, now that I look like I'm a drug addict medicinal weirdo, I hope if you happen to catch a little bug this helps. Enjoy your Sunday lovies and go outside on an evening walk for me. :)


  1. I'm sorry you're sick! That's the worst! But thanks for sharing your remedies! I've never thought to do a facial while I have a fever, but it makes perfect sense!

  2. Get well soon! Evey time I get sick, all I do is just sleeping and sleeping haha

  3. Love the different remedies. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Thanks for finding me a following =)
    So what your saying is that my grandma wasn't crazy? These remedies actually work?!
    Feel better, love. Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement you left in a comment on my blog :) Meant a lot!

  6. so sorry you're sick but vick's is gold! i love that stuff.
    thanks for the comment on my old journalism blog. writing is definitely the best.
    don't mind me, i'm just going to keep stalking out your life and hoping you get better soon!
    if you want, feel free to stop by my "real" blog (i guess you could call it that, haha).