simply vietnam.

To celebrate our completion of our spring semester the Hubs & I visited Simply Vietnam, one of our favorite new restaurants. I love the calm atmosphere and the kind waiters who apparently Ryan already made friends with. Love that boy. My meal consisted of my favorites: Thai Iced Tea, Egg Rolls, and Curry Tofu and Vegetables over noodles! After we went to see Shrek Forever After, and it was so cute and funny! We have been enjoying movie nights once or twice every weekend since Ryan works there and has passes for us for freeee. Once again, I love this boy.


  1. That food looks soooooo good...it's making me so hungry! haha!

    How did you like Shrek 3??? I am going to go see it with my boyfriend this weekend! I'm so excited!!!


  2. it's shrek 4 silly =)
    it's okay though, I didn't even realize it was already the 4th one until I looked it up haha

    it was so goood though! I'm still quoting lines from Donkey and Puss the cat. I think you'll enjoy it!

  3. Mmmm I've never had Vietnamese food but it looks scrumptious!!